FAQ - Certified copies

What is meant by a certified copy?

It may be necessary to produce certified copies of original documents in certain circumstances. For example, you may need certified copies of school reports, certificates and degrees when applying for entrance to a university, or you may need certified copies of your passport and a utility bill when applying for a new credit card. Certified copies may also be needed in certain circumstances where the original of the document has been lost.

A certified copy is a copy of a document which has been certified as being a true, complete, and up-to-date copy of the original at a given date. Certification is achieved by a statement to that effect being signed and dated by the certifying person on the copy document. The precise requirements for a copy to be deemed certified are typically set out by the body that requires the certification. If the body requiring certification specifies a specific wording which should be used, then please email legalisation@gozzolilex.com. If not, we will adhere to the UK Government's guidance as to certifying copy documents including, but not limited to, guidance on certifying documents which contains a photograph as a true likeness of the relevant person. Solicitor Ms Cecilia Gozzoli, registered and authorised by the Solicitor Regulation Authority, will then need to sign the certified copy, print their full name, write the name and address of our law firm and date it. Some firms, as we do, have a rubber stamp with the words "Certified as a true and original copy". We adhere to the UK Government's guidance as to certifying copy documents.

What can we do for you?

We understand that, given the current extraordinary Covid-related circumstances and existing travel restrictions, visiting a professional in person may not possible. We have now therefore designed a tool to provide you with the certification you need by a Solicitor, provided that necessary verification is completed remotely by the Solicitor, following the procedures in line with UK government's guidance as to certifying copy documents.

Fee for certification

If you need certification by us and apostille through FCO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) please email: legalisation@gozzolilex.com for quotation.

The fee charged include the amount of time spent certifying the copy, the time spent verifying remotely the identity of the applicant, further searches on KYC/CDD and will depend on the number and type of documents to be certified. If you need the original certified copy to be sent to you by post, please email legalisation@gozzolilex.com; additional fees will apply depending on the Country of destination of the document(s).

For any additional information concerning Legal Fees and Complaints Policy please visit the website of the Firm at www.gozzolilex.com.